featured poets

below are the links to the posts in the featured poets series which are updated with every new post  { listed here by the poets’ names from the most recent to oldest posts }  ~  enjoy!

60 featured poets in 2012  ~

featured poets in 2011  ~

thank you for sharing in the celebration of  all these wonderful poets!

dani  ♥


6 responses to “featured poets

  1. peggygoetz

    I am curious about you Dani. Have you featured yourself?

    • {smile} there’s really nothing to feature, Peggy. i started writing in January of 2010 and started my blog a month later. my abilities are FAR surpassed by so many poets in the blogosphere! thanks for asking! ♥

  2. Dear Dani I am honestly speechless to what I came across on my blog that you had wrote such a special place for me on your blog I have not had such kindness shown and recognition for my writing and am so grateful embarrassed as I really don’t feel i belong with all the other wonderful people who write I am truly so amateur in how I write So I am so very touched & honoured as they say that you would choose to write about me on your blog and present my poems in such a wonderful lovely lovely thoughtful way ThankQ so very much Dear Dani always with Love Peace in our Hearts Beez ;)) x

    • you ARE a wonderful poet and my sweet honey bee! ♥ i feel all the time that i am not qualified to call myself a poet, but i can’t stop writing so i guess i am ~ a bad poet like me is still a poet. {smile} i hope things are well with you… always with Love Peace in our Hearts *hugzzzzzz*

  3. Great choices Dani… we share a lot of similar poets who we’ve featured on our sites (you’re welcome to check out ours here: http://bostonpoetry.wordpress.com/poets/). I’ll be digging into the ones I haven’t read yet too… this adds to my reading list a bit. :smiles:

    • my online time is limited right now, but i spent a quite enjoyable twenty or thirty minutes reading the diverse poetry on your site. (no pun or connection intended to dVerse there.){smile} i’ve signed up for your email updates and will be back for sure. i’ve been very honored to have so many wonderful poets agree to be included in my featured poet series. they really are amazing! i’m sure we’ll be seeing more of one another in the future. thank you for taking the time to visit.

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